*Boarding available to horses in our training program only

Stall Board: $550/month

We primarily offer Pasture Boarding. There are a very limited number of stalls on a first come, first serve basis. Stalls have rubber mats and attached runs. Horses are turned out daily weather permitting. The stalls are cleaned daily. Horses are fed grain twice daily. Owner provided supplements can be fed daily. Fans are offered in the summer months. Blanketing service is provided in the winter months.

Stalls are available for horses recovering from injury or on a temporary basis, daily rates for stall use apply. 

Pasture Board: $435-460/month

There are 3 different pasture/paddock options with a maximum of four horses per pasture or paddock. All pastures and paddocks have access to 3 walled shelters that are cleaned daily, salt and mineral blocks, high quality round bales and fresh water. Pastures vary in size and accommodations. We have a 4 acre pasture with access to year round coastal mixed grasses, shelters with fans and misters for the summer months and varying sized paddocks. Horses are grouped with similar personalities to avoid any conflicts with pasture mates and are fed separately or with feeder masks to alleviate any fighting over grain and to ensure each horse gets his/her exact amount of feed. Owner provided supplements are fed daily. Blanketing service is provided in the winter months.

***All horses are required to be fed Bug Check, an all natural fly supplement and probiotic as well as Electrolytes. Both Bug Check and Electrolytes are included in the monthly boarding rates. Print EHF boarding agreement by clicking EHF Boarding Agreement